Listed below are some updates and news of how we plan to open the Quarter for the Fall 2020 term. We are committed to following all government and CDC guidelines. Please be aware that the following is based on current guidelines for social distancing and safe gathering. Please keep in mind that the situation is fluid and constantly changing. As the guidelines change, we will adjust and update our plans accordingly.  


In person attendance this semester will always require adherence to the guidelines in effect to ensure everybody’s safety and comfort.

This will include:

– Face coverings (except for when eating/drinking and properly distanced).

– Hand sanitizing/washing

– Prior online health check – confirming no symptoms, exposure, etc.

– Safe social distancing from everyone not in your family or housing unit

– Communication – Even more than ever, communication will be key this semester. Please make sure we have all of your contact info by filling out the student info form HERE.  And please connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you receive all updates in a timely manner.



Shabbat is a mainstay of keeping our community together. In accordance with current guidelines, this is the Shabbat plan as of now:

Reservations for Shabbat are required, and will be taken every week from Tuesday morning until Thursday at 9pm . Students can sign up for the following options:

– “Shabbat to go”- Students stop by on Friday afternoon and pickup a “Shabbat to go” kit, including Challah, food, and grape juice so students can enjoy a Shabbat dinner at home.

– Shabbat in person- Following all CDC guidelines, our back tent will be set up with socially distant tables.  

– Just like with campus entry, anyone wishing to attend will be required to certify that they are not experiencing any symptoms and have not been exposed to anybody COVID positive, etc.

– All services and meals will be only outdoors, with distancing between each person or unit. Masks are required at all times except for when eating/drinking. Hand sanitizing/washing is required upon entry, without exception.

– Our seating arrangement is organized so every individual/pod maintains social distancing in our back tent and backyard.

-Limited in-person Shabbat meals will be set up by reservation, on a first come first-served basis. If capacity is exceeded, we will set up Shabbat dinner shifts, and request that students come at their allotted time. 

-Seating will be organized to maintain 6 feet of separation. 

High Holidays

We plan to serve the needs of our community during the High Holidays. We understand that everybody has a different level of comfort and safety, so there will be a range of options that you will be able to choose from.

Because of the changing nature of the pandemic, exact details will be confirmed closer to the holidays. We expect to offer some of the following options as appropriate:

– Providing Do-It-Yourself kits that would include High Holiday messages, selected prayers for your dorm, a how-to guide, and homemade Challah and honey cake.

– Shofar Sounding services in several locations around the neighborhood on Rosh Hashana.

– Outdoor socially distanced services and meals. Reservations will be required.

– To-go meals available for pickup.


Overall- this quarter is going to be different and challenging. Like every quarter, our goal is to be there for you every step of the way. And because we care about you, we would never plan an event that would put you or your family in a dangerous position. We will closely monitor the situation, and constantly adapt to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of our entire community. Whether on Zoom, for a quick pickup, or in person socially distant, we look forward to reconnecting with all of you soon.